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Celebrate 150 years of First Monday Trade Days

"The city of Canton is celebrating the 150th birthday of First Monday Trade Days. First Monday began as a day for locals to trade goods and animals, and do some shopping in town,” says Mayor, Lou Ann Everett. “It has grown to become a large source of income for the entire county, and even beyond. This event’s success is a testament to the people who have attended, worked at and profited from its long time existence. It has been a financial blessing to our community and I look forward to many more Trade Days."


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150 Years of Tradition, Commerce, and Community!

A momentous occasion is on the horizon as First Monday Trade Days, the iconic flea market in Canton, Texas, prepares to mark a significant milestone - its 150th anniversary. Join us in celebrating the occasion during the October show from 9/28 - 10/1. The festivities will include different giveaways each day, a scavenger hunt to win prizes, live entertainment throughout the grounds, and of course, an outstanding selection of vendors highlighting the best of Texan craftsmanship. Celebrations will be centered around the Log Cabin which is located on the west side of the First Monday grounds at 800 1st Monday Ln. Canton, Texas, but don’t be surprised to find events and giveaways popping up throughout the flea market.


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Mark your calendars for Sept. 28th – Oct. 1st, 2023, and be part of history as First Monday Trade Days celebrates its 150th anniversary. Join us in experiencing the enduring charm that has shaped our community, while embracing the excitement of the future. Immerse yourself in a weekend of festivities, reconnect with old friends, make new memories, and honor the traditions that bind us together.


First Monday Trade Days, located in the heart of Canton, Texas, is a celebrated and iconic monthly market that has been a cornerstone of tradition, commerce, and community engagement for over 150 years. What started as a local gathering has evolved into a nationally recognized event, drawing visitors from near and far to experience the Texan spirit of trade and camaraderie. Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of each month!

Scavengr Hunt


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Join us from September 28th through October 1st for a show full of fun celebrating this momentous occasion including a Scavenger Hunt, Door Prizes, Live Music, Yummy Food and of course Shopping!! We are so excited to celebrate 150 years with all our First Monday family! 

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