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  • To avoid the crowds, shop on Thursday.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes. Flip-flops and dress shoes are not recommended.

  • Due to crowds, your cell phones might not work at First Monday.  Please have a meeting place to meet your party.  We are not allowed to page except for lost children or medical emergencies.

  • Be prepared for changing temperatures by layering comfortable clothing.

  • Wear sunscreen and re-apply frequently.

  • Non-aggressive dogs are permitted in the Original First Monday Park, but they must be kept on a leash and owners must clean up after them.

  • Don’t wait until Monday. First Monday actually begins on the Thursday preceding the First Monday of each month.

  • Dress for the occasion. Comfortable shoes are a must and clothing should be appropriate to the season.

  • Plan in advance if you are planning an overnight stay. The lodging in Canton is often reserved a year in advance, so start early and try nearby towns. There are also some nice bed and breakfast establishments in the area.

  • While First Monday is an ideal family outing, it can be a long day for the little ones. If you bring children, be sure to bring a stroller or wagon and an umbrella to shade them from the heat or rain.

  • First Monday is held year round – rain, shine or snow. April, May, September, October and November usually provide the best weather, but great deals can be found every First Monday weekend. December is also a good time to find Christmas bargains.

  • Bring a small shopping pull cart or wagon for your purchases. For the larger items, ask the dealer for a pass that will allow you to drive onto the grounds and pick up your purchase.

  • Don’t miss the shopping available in other areas of Canton. Downtown Canton has some nice antique and craft stores and a shopping mall is located on south Highway 19. Also, several outlet stores are located in Canton.

  • Pick up a free copy of the Canton Guide, which includes a map of the grounds and a map of the City. Also, it has the largest advertising base and circulation of any of the publications sold on the First Monday grounds.

  • You can park close on the First Monday grounds or in surrounding areas for $10 a day.

  • Please don’t photograph vendor’s merchandise without specific permission from the vendor.

  • There are ATM’s on the grounds. However, on busy months, they sometimes run out of money. REMEMBER, cash is king when bartering for that special item.

  • When traveling with a group, be sure to have a meeting place. Don’t rely on your cell phones. During very busy months, there is no signal on the grounds. Don’t count on calling them. Offices are only allowed to page for lost children and in medical emergencies.

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