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The front of the Dry Creek Landing building.


Dry Creek Landing is a 10,000 square-foot lock and leave building.  It is not a climate-controlled building, but is well insulated, ventilated and has circulating fans.


Vendor space in Dry Creek Landing is by annual lease only.  Vendor space assignments are management decisions.  Vendor space requests will be taken into consideration, but we do not guarantee requests.  Space rental pricing may be reviewed annually.  Pricing is based on size of space leased.


Merchandise will be restricted to that which has been approved on individual applications. 


Management approval is required for any significant changes or additions to the type of merchandise originally accepted.

Each vendor is required by Texas Law to have a Texas Sales Tax Permit.  Contact 1-800-252-5555 for information about obtaining a permit.

Vendors must display and operate their assigned space(s) every First Monday weekend.

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