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3 Reasons you won't want to miss our next show!

There are many reasons to love First Monday Trade Days in Canton, but these are just a few that will make you want to come to our next show!


The beauty behind First Monday is that we have vendors that come from all over the country so every piece they bring in has a story of its own. To give you perspective, we have over five thousand vendors onsite so that tells you just how much diversity there is in every item!

Our vendors are always eager to share the uniqueness of their craft, so don't hesitate to ask them next time you're at First Monday!

2.Find everything in one spot

With over 400 acres of shopping, it is a guarantee that there is something for everyone at First Monday. As you hunt through our fields, you will find a variety of antiques, decor, clothing, and crafts! For all the food lovers out there, we also have dozens of amazing food vendors waiting to serve you. Being the World's Largest Flea Market, you will not see everything in one day. No worries though! Stay onsite at one of our RV Spots or stay in town at one of the local Canton hotels, then wake up and enjoy more shopping the next day!



What first began as a local spot for residents to bring their own goods to sell or trade in the 1850's, First Monday Trade Days in Canton has now become the World's Largest Flea Market! The tradition of First Mondays in Canton has existed for over 170 years and attracts thousands of people every year. With this rich history, we are deep in Texas Tradition!

Checkout our 2022 Calendar and start planning your trip to Canton, TX! Whether it is a romantic getaway or a family outing, First Monday will give you an epic shopping experience like no other!



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