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5 reasons to do your holiday shopping in canton

1. Deals

First Monday, Canton is the World's Largest Flea Market, and what's the best thing about flea markets? DEALS! Shop our Famous Outdoor Fields, Antique Alley, or the Civic Center for great deals on vintage, antique and one of a kind items. And if you still haven't found what you're looking for ... Explore the rest of the First Monday grounds spanning over 450 acres!

2. Uniqueness of items

Where else can you find a 100 year old vintage rug, an old record of Elvis Presley's greatest hits, or handmade turquoise jewelry straight off the reservation? First Monday, Canton is home to thousands of vendors from all over the country, bringing a piece of their history with them each month. Each item is full of character and has its own story. When you buy an item from our vendors, you are taking home a piece of history.


First Monday, Canton is the ultimate shopping adventure unlike any other! This is not your local mall, this is not Amazon Prime, this is the World's LARGEST Flea Market. Bring the whole family, or make it a girls trip! Come to Canton and spend the entire weekend shopping during the day, check out one of our monthly events, then explore downtown in the evening and call it a night in one of our several local cozy accommodations.

4. shop for everyone in one place

Let First Monday be your one stop shop for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, or "just because" presents! Grab a new tool set for Dad, an outfit for Mom, stocking stuffers for the kids, a vintage broach for Grandma, and Grandpa's favorite artist on vinyl (Then grab some yummy holiday scented potpourri for yourself 😉) There's an old saying that "If you can think it, you can find it here!"

5. Support the community

Did you know that when you shop First Monday, Canton, you are giving back to our beloved community? Not only do you support this community, you are also supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our hard working vendors appreciate the support of our shoppers!

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