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Canton in a day

Shopping First Monday Canton can seem overwhelming when you first arrive. With over 400 acres of shopping available and thousands of vendors, there is a lot of space to cover! Life can be busy and sometimes we can only make it out to Canton for one day of shopping. If this is the case for you, we've got 3 helpful tips on how to conquer First Monday Canton in ONE day!

Tip #1: Have a plan before you arrive!

Before you even hop in your car to drive to Canton, sit down and write out a game plan. This should include checking our calendar, having directions, knowing the best place to park, following our walking map, and most importantly, knowing what treasures you are looking for! Sometimes it can be fun to just browse without a specific item in mind, however, if you're trying to tackle First Monday Canton in a day, think of a few things to keep your eye out for! This will help you get through different booths at a faster pace so you can see as many vendors as possible!

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Tip #2: Park at the west gate entrance

If you are a first-timer and are shopping First Monday Canton in a day, this tip will be especially helpful for you! Parking at the West Gate entrance puts you directly by the Famous Vendor Fields, one our favorite spots! This outdoor section of First Monday Canton is the perfect place to find whicker furniture, outdoor signs and decor, vintage home decor, and rows upon rows of plants!! This will also put you close to the Civic Center, where you'll find so many unique antique pieces and tons of vintage clothing.

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Tip #3: shop on Thursday

While the name says First Monday Canton, it is actually not on Monday! Each show begins on the Thursday preceding the First Monday of the month and runs for 4 days (Thursday-Sunday). We recommend shopping on Thursday for a few different reasons: crowds are often smaller, parking can be easier, there is less traffic, and there are more finds since the big crowds have not come through yet! If you are unsure of our dates, check out our calendar below and make sure to visit our website for any and all additional details and tips!

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Shopping First Monday Canton in one day can seem like a monumental task, but it is not impossible! Just come prepared and follow our tips and you'll be just fine! Happy shopping!


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