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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The visitors and vendors of First Monday are ever-changing, constantly growing, and always evolving! Some of you are new, some of you have been visiting for a few years, and some of you are still coming back after decades. Loyal doesn't even begin to describe our customers and vendors! Today I want to introduce you to a couple that has been visiting First Monday since the 1980's and selling since the 2010's!

Mack & Jack

When I was shopping First Monday a few months back, I met Mack and Jackie, or Mack and Jack as they liked to call themselves. Mack and Jack had a booth over in the Antique Alley that immediately caught my eye with it's antique but beautiful decor. Little did I know there was so much more to their story than just what they were selling! I got to talking with Mack, who was a kind soul and a great conversationalist. Mack introduced me to his wife, Jackie, and told me all about the hard work she does to get their booth set up just the way she likes. I knew I wanted to get to know them more, but I needed to cover a bit more ground so I told them I'd be back soon and I'd love to have them on our Facebook Live. Jackie informed me she would need to "comb her hairs" before she'd let me put a camera anywhere near her (they were a hoot, y'all). I did my rounds and then made my way back to talk to Mack and Jack once again. This time I got a bit more of their background story that I absolutely fell in love with and I know you all will too: Mack and Jack first met at Texas Tech University and have been married for 56 years! They were collectors for many years and had been shopping at First Monday since 1984. Their collection kept growing and they knew they needed to start getting rid of some of it before it took over (or before their kids were stuck with it, as Jackie said with a chuckle). So they started selling at First Monday a little over 6 years ago and have loved every minute since. One of the most unique items they had at their booth were vintage baby tubs from Hungary. They used them as a garden planter, which is a great example of how thrifted and repurposed items can have such a unique story behind them. One of their most popular items were their metal garden signs, that could be used in your garden to indicate different fruits and veggies. One sign had a particularly funny message, and was their best selling! Go check out our Facebook live from July 1 if you're curious what it said ;) And don't forget to swing by their booth while you stroll through Antique Alley!

Mack and Jack are just one sweet example of what true Canton Loyalty looks like. This is exactly what being a Picker, Maker, Thrifter, and Creator is all about! We cherish our visitors and vendors, and we know you cherish us too. We are forever grateful for every year you all have poured into First Monday, Canton and we hope to continue this for many decades to come!

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Angela S
Angela S
Sep 02, 2021

We are a small business vendor at the event and paid for our September 2021 spaces. Both my husband and I are vaccinated but we received positive COVID tests on Sunday. We called to see if we could push out our dates to when we are clear of COVID as to keep people safe. We were given the run around by untrained staff (she rudely admitted to being a part time worker and not knowing what to do and she said they were short staffed) After several phone calls, we were told very dramatically that 1000 vendors cancel all the time and they can't help us. We spoke to the person in charge, City Manager Lonny Cluck, who said he…

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