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Common Finds At First Monday

Some of the most common things to find at First Monday might not be what you would expect. Fair warning, once we list these items be aware you will start to see them everywhere when you next visit First Monday Trade Days! The things we commonly find, include items like picture frames, cowboy boots, chairs, and costume jewelry. You can find these across all areas: Famous Vendor Fields, Civic Center, Antique alley, Row 46 & Dry Creek Landing, and Trade Centers I-IV.

Picture frames are often found in the Famous Vendor Fields and, most likely, you will also find great pieces of art to go along with them. We love to look through the unique frames in Antique Alley as well. Be prepared to find multiple frames you will want to walk away with!

Cowboy boots are a common item in Texas, and when you visit First Monday you will see that many vendors sell vintage pairs. Leave Canton, TX in style with a pair of one-of-a-kind, pre-loved boots! You'll find a huge selection of western wear in our Civic Center, and out in the Famous Vendor Fields!

Accent Chairs might be on your First Monday shopping list if you are in need of filling that empty corner in your living room. A unique chair is a statement piece that will get all your house guests "ooo" and "ahh"-ing! We have seen some that have already been updated with new upholstery and others can be a fun upcycling project to tackle on the weekend. Our best luck with finding these gems have been in Antique Alley and the Famous Vendor Fields!

Costume jewelry is in abundance in the Civic Center! Come by and see our vendors that source vintage and collectable items to add to your jewelry collection. There are also newer pieces in Row 46 & Dry Creek Landing. These will be more on trend while the pieces in the Civic Center are the star of the show!


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