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How to Plan Your Trip to First Monday!

Updated: May 15, 2023

1. Find a group of like-minded girlfriends, family, or fellow thrifters to start this journey with!

Exploring all First Monday has to offer, sharing laughs, and discovering hidden gems becomes even more enjoyable with a friend by your side! We highly recommend bringing a buddy to keep you company as you explore our grounds and visit the over 5,000 vendors we offer! Let First Monday be a time of fellowship for you and your fellow thrifters!

2. Find a place to stay!

Make the most of your trip by staying overnight in Canton, Texas! With options ranging from RV hookups to hotels and lodges, you can find many suitable accommodations for a comfortable weekend getaway. Visit the “stay” tab on our website for more information on staying in the great town of Canton!

3. Pack accordingly!

Our market spans over 700,000 sq ft, so be prepared to walk! Make sure you and your feet are as comfortable as possible by bringing your comfiest walking shoes! We also recommend checking the weather forecast to be fully prepared! On hot, sunny, summer days we highly recommend wearing breathable clothes, and bringing a hat and/or sunglasses to keep you cool! We also recommend sunscreen for these sunny months! During our fall and winter shows, make sure to bring a jacket in case of any cold weather! But remember- no matter the weather- we are open!!

4. Make room for all of your First Monday finds!

Clearing out your car before heading to our show is essential to maximize your space and ensure a stress-free experience! By creating a clutter-free environment, you create ample room for all the amazing finds you'll encounter during your time at First Monday! Whether you stumble upon a stunning piece of furniture, a stylish outfit, or a collection of unique souvenirs, you'll have the freedom to accommodate your newfound treasures without struggling for space.

5. Park at the west gate- yellow lot entrance!

For easy access to popular areas such as the vendor fields, civic center, and antique alley, park at the west gate- yellow lot entrance. This strategic parking choice will kickstart your First Monday adventure on a high note! Find a parking map and additional information under the "parking" tab on our website.

Follow these tips and you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your trip to First Monday! From exploring the vast vendor offerings to enjoying the company of friends, your visit to our flea market promises to be a fun-filled, memorable experience!



Aug 31, 2023

Will vendors actually show up on Friday or do most wait till Saturday and Sunday?


Sharon Carlisle
Sharon Carlisle
Jun 02, 2023

Super excited to go after many years. Can’t wait to see how it’s grown and get some cool stuff!!

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