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How to Shop FM: A Guide

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Whether you're a First Monday newbie or a seasoned veteran, there's always something new to learn on how to shop the World's Largest Flea Market with success! We've spent our fair share of time down in Canton, TX and we've got a guide with 3 short steps to help you get the best FM experience possible!

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STEP 1: Prep!

Whether you are coming for the entire weekend or just staying for the day, prepping for Canton is vital for your shopping success! If you plan on staying overnight, we recommend checking out the local hotels or snagging an RV spot right on the grounds! Planning ahead can help you have shopping success in the long run!

step 2: parking & entering

Parking can be a pain, but not when you park at the West Gate entrance!! Not only is there a vast amount of parking, there is also a shuttle that will take you from your car to the entrance! Located right inside the West Gate entrance is the bathroom and the office, where you can rent motorized scooters as well! With Canton being handicap accessible, we understand how important parking and accessibility is for ALL of our shoppers. Make sure to have $5 cash when you come in to park!

step 3: necessary supplies

While we recommend packing as light as possible (you don't want to be weighed down by all your personal belongings when you're trying to snag the dining table of your dreams), we DO recommend these necessary supplies: water, cash, a basket/buggy/wagon, walking shoes, and a rain jacket/poncho! With over 400+ acres of shopping, you're bound to get thirsty. While we have some delicious drinks for purchase, water is a must to stay hydrated in this TX heat! We do have ATMs available at various locations throughout First Monday, but going ahead and having it with you before you come will prevent ATM fees and possibly not being able to get the amazing find you spotted in Antique Alley! The basket/buggy/wagon is pretty're inevitably going to find more than you thought you would and you're going to need a way to carry it around! Again, with the amount of shopping areas to cover, walking shoes are going to be your best friend! First Monday continues on, RAIN OR SHINE! Nothing can dampen the excitement we have when shopping the World's Largest Flea Market! Having an umbrella, poncho, or rain jacket can save you the hassle of dragging your finds through the rain soaking wet! (However, if you forget to bring one, we've got you covered!)

And just like that, you're reading to conquer Canton! With so much ground to cover and so many fun purchases to make, it can often seem daunting before you arrive and right as you arrive, but we believe in you! Follow the steps on this guide and gather all the info you need from our website and you will be more than prepared to shop 'til you drop!

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