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Our Favorite First Monday finds

Visiting First Monday, Canton every month for years allows you to see a lot of really incredible finds. From gorgeous vintage mirrors and well-kept Persian rugs, all the way to mint-condition Levi denim jackets and bedazzled belt buckles, we have rounded up our favorite types of First Monday finds and we are ready to share them with you! These types of finds are ones that can often be found at First Monday each month, in various shapes and styles, but in many cases some of our favorites have been pieces so unique, we've never see anything like them again. Take it from us: if you find a piece you love, snag it! You never know when you'll see it again!

The perfect fainting couch

Yes, we said perfect. From the color of the fabric and the richness of the wood, to the ornate shape and great physical condition, this fainting couch had us swooning. We know everyones style is different, but a piece like this is so unique and timeless, it deserves to be recognized! One of our favorite things about First Monday is the opportunity to find a piece like this from a vendor that found it, took great care of it, and now wants to sell it to one of you. We couldn't have First Monday and all its' amazing finds without our vendors!

Bamboo, wicker, & rattan

Some of you might be so sick of hearing us going on and on about bamboo, wicker, and rattan...but we still love it! There is nothing quite like walking through Antique Alley and stumbling upon a vendor with a wicker shelf like this one. Incredible condition, great price, and just might fit in my can't tell me you aren't pulling out your wallet as we speak!

a gorgeous, classic rug

Don't get me wrong, I love furniture, decorating, and finding ways to make a space really feel like a home. But nothing makes a space feel as home-y as a good rug does. The right rug can take your room from drab to fab, as cheesy as that may sound! Each First Monday market I have gone to, I think I have fallen in love with a new rug every. single. time. Each one different and unique in it's own way. Moving? Looking to change up your decor? Start in Canton and find pieces that are not only unique, but have unique histories behind them too.

The armoire of your dreams

If this doesn't say "Beauty and the Beast", I'm not sure what does. This armoire is so ornate, and so classic, and so stunning in every way possible. From the glass panes to the almost cherry tone of the wood, I would find a way to justify purchasing this piece even if I lived in a shoebox. This is the type of piece you pass down to your children, and they pass down to their children...and eventually, someone in your family tree has their antique china displayed in it, that they probably only pull out for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But each time they do, they get to talk about the 100+ year old armoire that has been passed down in their family for decades. I may have just slipped into a daydream for a minute there but that's the kind of trance a piece like this can put you in so can you blame me?

If these pieces haven't convinced you to book your hotel for the next First Monday show, I'm not sure what will. Maybe you should just go ahead and come down to Canton and see for yourself? Like we said before, pieces like these go fast and you never know if you'll see something remotely like them again. Not only are they gorgeous, but each piece carries a unique story that gives it that much more individuality and life. Join us in Canton, TX and you just might find a piece that will be in your family for generations.

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Aug 05, 2021

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