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If you've ever shopped First Monday Canton, chances are you've learned this lesson the easy way or the hard way ... Check the weather! If you tend to learn these lessons the hard way, rest assured, I have great news for you!

1. First Monday operates RAIN or SHINE!

No matter the forecast, you can bet your bottom dollar that First Monday will be open and operating. Our vendors plan all month and even all year to make it to this show, and we are blessed to have such dedicated and hard working creators who brave the cold, heat, mud and sleet to bring our shoppers a great show!

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2. Over 750,000 sq. ft. of covered shopping areas

You probably know that First Monday is an outdoor shopping venue spread across 400+ acres, but what you may not know is that we also have several areas of covered shopping on site! Those areas include but are certainly not limited to, the Civic Center with Antiques and Collectibles, our 4 Trade Centers with everything from food to clothing to crafts, the famous Row 46, and so much more! Check out our online map here!

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3. Anything you forgot, we've got!

The best news of all! Whatever you forgot, you're sure to find here at First Monday. Whether it's a scarf, a jacket, rain boots, an umbrella, we've got it all! Here at the World's Largest Flea Market, you're sure to find everything you are looking for ... plus a lot of things you aren't!

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Dave Kaizen
Dave Kaizen
Feb 23, 2021

If anyone who is an enthusiast and loves Canton Texas, post on to let others know what you are particularly looking for! It is amazing what happens when people connect!

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