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First Monday Trade Days is a four-day show that occurs the Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of each month. Shoppers come from all over the country, or perhaps reside down the street from First Monday. Either way there's over thousands of traditional shoppers and new-comers walking in and out each month. Paula Fryman has been attending First Monday as a mother-daughter tradition for over 40 years. I was able to speak to Fryman and her daughter Wendy Gallagher, who shared their experiences with First Monday over the years. Since First Monday has been evolving and growing since the 1850s it was only right to ask Fryman how the grounds have changed over a 40 year period.

"It's huge now. When we first started coming, people would still bring their RV's like they do now, but everything was just smaller. We used to be able to go through the grounds in one day, but now we just get a little bit of shopping done.

This mother-daughter duo says they enjoy hunting for different things and walking outside while in Canton. Besides being able to have mother-daughter quality time together, Fryman explained the real reason she enjoys what First Monday has to offer.

"We like the real old-time things, not the fake stuff." Fryman said. "They just don't produce stuff like that anymore and it's the special things that you cherish forever.

If there's anyone that new shoppers can take credible advice from, it might be Fryman, while

Gallagher gave fashion and shopping tips for any new-comers at First Monday.

"Dress in layers and in comfortable shoes," Gallagher said. "Bring a cart or a wagon for sure because if you find something good you're going to end up carrying everything," she added.

For all the food lovers out there, Fryman wants to let you know there's a lot of good food options to choose from at First Monday so don't come with a full stomach!

Special thanks to all of our traditional and new visitors who make First Monday what is has been and always will be!



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