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While we are certainly not calling ourselves interior decorators, we've been to enough First Monday shows in Canton, TX to feel like we *might* have some tips for decorating your space using your First Monday finds! So join us while we walk you through a few tips and tricks for styling your space with your First Monday finds and giving it character like never before!

Tip #1: Know your space

It's safe to say we have all gone into a shopping coma at one point or another. Blinded by all the incredible things we have found, we can sometimes forget the size or shape or style of the space we are decorating and end up with pieces that just don't work. When it comes to First Monday, this can be especially dangerous! Surrounded by all the beautiful and unique and vintage pieces, you have to stay smart about your purchases! Keep a mental picture of your space and keep your eyes out for pieces that fit and make sense. Don't. Over. Buy.

Tip #2: Don't fear a flip!

Sometimes, you might find a piece that takes your breath away because of it's shape and style, but you might not be in love with the color or texture. And that's okay! Flipping furniture can seem scary, but it doesn't have to be. Do some research online, talk to friends and family with any furniture flipping knowledge, and make it fun! If it's perfect for your space but just needs a little update, chalk paint is always a good idea. There are so many great videos and articles online that show easy and fun ways to flip your finds in a way that best suits your style and your space!

Tip #3: work bigger to smaller

This might not be an expert-level tip but it has always worked well for me! When you are styling your space, create a base of your bigger pieces and then work on finding smaller accent pieces. For instance, when decorating your living room, the first pieces to go in the room should be the first pieces you find! Get your couch, chairs, end tables, TV stand, and coffee table first. Those are your base. Once you have a solid base, it's so much easier to build off of that! This is where First Monday can get so fun. Finding accent pieces and ways to spice up your space can be no easy feat, but First Monday, Canton is the perfect place to do this. With thousands of vendors and over 400 acres of shopping, you'll be sure to find the accent pieces that truly speak to you and make sense in your space.

Styling your space can mean anything from finding a new rug to lay down, flipping that dream dresser you found in the Famous Vendor Fields, or starting from scratch and building a whole new space with your First Monday finds! However you may want to change up your space, styling your finds doesn't have to be stressful or confusing. Again, we are by no means decorating experts of any kind, but hopefully you're able to take something away from this article that can be beneficial when styling your First Monday finds! Happy shopping!


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