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Tips to Plan the Best Girls' Weekend at First Monday Trade Days

The nation’s largest flea market is a growing popular hot spot for a girl’s getaway. Located in Canton, TX, it’s a quick day trip from the Dallas metroplex and surrounding areas. With over 7,000 vendors you and your girlfriends can certainly shop ‘til you drop. While perusing the booths of oozits and whatzits aplenty is an adventure in and of itself, here are some ways to amp up the fun for your girl’s day, or weekend!

Dress the part: How to Stand Out from the First Monday Crowd

Make some matching t-shirts! Have a wine and tie-dye night, or simply come up with a clever slogan and have some shirts printed. A bonus is it makes your group easier to find in the crowds if you get separated.

Not into being twinkies? Find (or make) some matching umbrellas. It will double as protection from that bright Texas sun.

Hunt for it! First Monday Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

If you’re interested in going but not sure about what you’ll find, what you need, or what’ll you’ll find that you don’t need, make it a scavenger hunt! Flea market scavenger hunts are a ton of fun, and at Trade Days there is no lack of merch to meet your criteria. You can do this a few different ways:

Set a budget: Make it a contest to find the wackiest, oldest, or “most 80’s” item within a set budget. (Usually $10-$20 will suffice but the budget can be as little or large as you like).

Make a list: Make a wacky list of weird, oddly specific, or otherwise nit-picky items. For example: a black and white postcard with a dog on it, anything that says your birth year on it, or a green plate with yellow flowers. Whoever can find the most items wins!

Make it a photo challenge: Just window shopping, or don’t have a big budget? Make your scavenger hunt a photo challenge! Simply photo the found items instead of buying them.

Multi-generational Getaways Multiplies the Fun

First Monday Trade Days is super family-friendly! Make Trade Days a tradition with mom’s, daughters, and daughter’s daughters etc. Bringing kids is an especially great time to do a flea market scavenger hunt to engage the younger kids. It’s also fun to give them a small amount of money and see what they can find.

Make it a slumber party with First Monday Lodging

Who wants to drive all the way home after a full day of shopping and haggling? Make it a slumber party by staying the night at one of Canton’s local hotels or B&B’s! Just be sure to book ahead - our hotels do fill up on First Monday weekends.

Dining in Canton extends the adventure.

There is more to Canton than First Monday Trade Days. Head out early for Trade Days, booths are open at sunup, then catch a late lunch or dinner in town and check out some of the local antique shops and boutiques around Main Street! They are all climate controlled so this is a great option for a hot afternoon. For more information on First Monday Trade Days monthly events, vendors and/or parking, visit us online!



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