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Updated: Apr 22, 2022

With so many one-of-a-kind items at First Monday, there's also one-of-a-kind stories that every vendor wants to share about their products and their experience as a vendor in Canton.

I want to introduce James Silivan, who has been part of the First Monday family for over six years. What started as collecting items from his friend's garage sale soon led Silivan to the idea of making a full-time income as a vendor.

There's a lot of pros of cons that come with being a full-time vendor like Silivan.

"This is what I do for a living, so if I have to give some discounts I have to think about what I'm sacrificing like that could be a large fries and coke that I won't be able to get for myself," explained Silivan.

In addition to price bargaining, Silivan talked about how on a good day, he has made $1,000 at First Monday.

"You see I have high quality items. I like to bring multiple collections that just add up at the end of the day. So the more you bring the more items you have to sell," Silivan said.

Throughout the six years of being a vendor at First Monday, James Silivan said the customers he has gotten come from all over the country and have been the most memorable part of his entire experience.

"There was this lady from Oklahoma City who had seen a picture of my gorgeous couch on First Monday's social accounts, so she reached out to the main office here to get ahold of me," Silivan said. "She traveled to Canton the next day to buy my couch and all of my brass candlesticks to use as decor for her daughter's wedding."

You can find James and all his one-of-a-kind items at First Monday in row 97, units 14-16, under the trees.

This might be your sign to bring your own collectables of unique items to join thousands of vendors at First Monday!


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