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Celebrating 150 Years Of First Monday Trade Days

A momentous occasion is on the horizon as First Monday Trade Days, the iconic flea market in Canton, Texas, prepares to mark a significant milestone - its 150th anniversary. Join us in celebrating the occasion during the October show, Sept. 28 – Oct. 1.

It’s been known as First Monday Trade Days since Thomas Edison was still a toddler and before Abraham Lincoln was the POTUS. So, we go way back. It started out as the designated day that the circuit judge would come to Van Zandt County to hear the trials. People would gather around the courthouse and trade goods and often animals while they watched the trials, and sometimes the executions. Trading was a large part of their livelihood back then, and getting to town on a Monday was very important. Our society has since changed and now our livelihood is based off a Monday through Friday workweek. First Monday has evolved and now our flea market is more of a recreation than a way of life, but don’t be fooled, there are still many people that depend on First Monday Trade Days as a primary source of income.

The 150th festivities will include different giveaways each day, a scavenger hunt to win prizes, live entertainment throughout the grounds, and of course, an outstanding selection of vendors highlighting the best of Texan craftsmanship. Celebrations will be centered around the Log Cabin which is located on the west side of the First Monday grounds at 800 1st Monday Ln. Canton, Texas, but look for even more events and giveaways popping up throughout the flea market!

Next time you visit Canton, be sure to take some time to explore the sights and sounds beyond the flea market!

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Lamb Herman
Lamb Herman
6 days ago

Trading was a large part of their livelihood back then, and getting to town on a Monday was very important geometry dash lite

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