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Decor Trends in 2021

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

When shopping at First Monday, one of our tips from our last blog post was to have a plan before you arrive. While this could mean booking a hotel, knowing where you'll park, and how long you plan to stay, it could also mean knowing what you're looking for! If you plan on visiting us here in Canton sometime this year, this post is for you! We're going to be looking at the top 5 trends you'll be seeing everywhere this year!

Trend 1: Wicker & Rattan

Okay, I know what you're all thinking - "Wicker and Rattan?? Like, from the 60s and 70s??" and yes, that's exactly what we mean! Trends from previous decades often circulate and end up becoming popular again, and the wicker and rattan trend is one of them. Decorating your house with wicker and rattan can give it a light and warm feeling, and is useful for many different things: storage (baskets and bookshelves), decor (mirrors and light fixtures), and furniture (beds, tables, chairs, and so much more!). If you loved wicker and rattan before, or you just feel like branching out and trying something new, First Monday is always FULL of fun wicker and rattan pieces. Make sure to head out early and snag some wicker and rattan before it's all gone!

Trend 2: Warm toned rugs

I am a sucker for warm tones and I am ALSO a sucker for a good rug! Thanks to the pandemic, we spent a lot of time indoors. This was a catalyst for people to decorate their space in a way that is not only stylish and representative of them, but also warm and inviting. Warm toned rugs accomplish this exact feeling with colors of red, wine, green, brown, camel, black, and gold. Styled with lighter colored furniture, plants, gold and black accents, and whicker/rattan (wink wink), a warm toned rug can entirely change a space. At First Monday, you are sure to find the warm toned rug of your dreams. With 400 acres of shopping and thousands of vendors, rugs are always present in Canton.

trend 3: gold accents

Gold is in, I repeat, gold is in. From mirrors, to candlesticks, to pictures frames, and even to table legs, gold is everywhere in 2021. Adding in a gold accent can warm a space up and give everything a slightly more elevated feel. At First Monday, Canton, gold treasures are easy to find. There are always incredible vendors with beautiful gold accent pieces, sure to be the perfect finishing touch to that dining room decor you've been looking for.

trend 4: Natural elements

When it comes to decorating with natural elements, there are many approaches you can take. Natural elements can include linen fabrics, dried plants, whicker and rattan, and light woods. These are all elements we are seeing often in 2021 decor trends, and elements that can really brighten a space and give a clean and earthy feeling. When looking for natural elements, check out Antique Alley and the Famous Vendor Fields. Whether the elements are new or antique/vintage, you'll be sure to find something in one of those two locations. By parking at the West Gate entrance, this will put you right in the middle of the Famous Vendor Fields with easy access to Antique Alley as well.

trend 5: Plants

While this became a big trend in 2020, it has really taken off in 2021. People everywhere are filling their houses with plants and educating themselves on how to properly care for them. Plants can be an easy decor piece and can really make a space feel home-y, they have also been known to help reduce stress levels, sharpen your attention, and boost your productivity. While plants are super popular to decorate with inside, they have always been popular to decorate with outside as well. A warm and inviting front porch is always a plus! Plants can be found around almost every corner here at First Monday. From flowers, to hanging plants, vines, trees, bushes, and more, there is no shortage of plant type and availability in Canton. There are some incredible plant vendors and with all this rain lately, the plants have been looking so healthy and fresh at the last few shows.

So there you have it! Some of the top decor trends of 2021 that we are LOVING and have been seeing everywhere at First Monday! These pieces can be styled separately, used as unique pieces to liven up a space, or even combined to decorate an entire room or house, if that's your style. If these pieces are right up your alley, come see us next month, June 3rd-6th! When you get here and start shopping, make sure to keep an eye out for these pieces!

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