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Spruce up Your Space for Fall

We love Fall just as much as the next person but we also like a good deal! Shop for Fall decor and clothing early at First Monday Trade Days! Our vendors always have incredible fall displays including traditional halloween decor and trends that will last all through the holiday season.

Isn’t it so fun to switch out pieces for the new season?! We have decor for the families that love going all out and decorating their entire house for Fall and Halloween, or even a spooky antique doll, perfect for your Halloween party! We also have subtle pieces for your home if you like to sprinkle in Fall pieces for this time of year. Row 46 and Dry Creek Landing are great places to look for Fall decor. We suggest heading to the Famous Vendor Fields as well for more unique pieces. Options are endless at First Monday.

Fall clothing can be found in all sections of First Monday! Head to the Famous Vendor Fields for one-of-a-kind finds. You can even find some of the latest trends in the fields including combat boots and cowboy boots. The Civic Center has vintage clothing for you as well! Don’t have a costume for your kids yet? We have those also! Visit our vendors at Trade Centers I through IV and Row 46 for your Halloween costume needs.

We love seeing your First Monday finds styled in your home! Tag us in your Instagram posts so we can see all these great items in your space!


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