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In today’s fast-moving world where almost anything can be purchased from a home computer, many marvel at the thousands of shoppers who continue to make the trek to Canton month after month. They say it’s the First Monday experience that keeps them coming back. There are so many perks of being a vendor here at First Monday. Here are our Top 3!

Community of Vendors

Bring your unique items and ideas to join thousands of vendors at First Monday! With every new vendor, comes a new community member that can help us make First Monday great!

Vendor at First Monday Canton

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Available

Our Vendors have the opportunity to apply for a space in Dry Creek Landing, the Civic Center, our Trade Center, or our Outdoor Lots!

Civic Center First Monday Canton

Thousands of Shoppers Each Month

Shoppers come from all over to experience this epic event, and vendors do too! We've had vendors come from as far as Canada to sell at First Monday, Canton! We are proud to be known and loved, all over the country, as the World's Largest Flea Market!

Shoppers at First Monday Canton

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